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The St.George Hotel - Sen Spa - One, three and five days program.

Body Treatments at the St.George Sen Spa.
Beauty Hydroherapy Spa – offering a wide range of treatments including:
• Various types of massage–including stone massage
• Facials – using 100% natural ingredients
• Instant tans – as used by Models
• Manicures, Pedicures, Gel/Acrylic nails, refills, Ear Piercing
• Waxing, Electrolysis
• Ear Candles, Eye treatments

This eastern journey evokes the senses to a land of sun where time moves
slowly likedripping honey, where the desert wind is heavy with delicate perfume.
This detoxifying journey with its generous ritual allows the body to rid itself
of toxins, theskin becomes beautiful and soft, restoring the body to a
feeling of well being as in the tradition of the Oriental act of purification.

The Atlantic Coast, a natural source of well-being, the invigorating sea air, the
energizing waves crashing on the sea shore inviting you to escape to the endless
horizon. Thali’sens has drawn inspiration from this to create a revitalizing ritual
which offers the feeling of having just swum in the sea, when the skin has been
suffused with the ocean’s essential minerals.

Thali’sens transports us to Asia where actions speak louder than words and
time for reflection is the order of the day. This holistic treatment will bring
harmony to the mind and body. The skin becomes soft and the mind is
calm creating a deep feeling of improved well-being.

A palm tree leaf stirred by a light Tropical wind, a slow pace becomes an art
of living, the transparent waters of the lagoon and the languor of the women
with long black hair have inspired Thali’sens for a gentle and heady ritual,
resembling the perfume of tiare flower.Movement is a caress offering total
pleasure which guides us towards a world free of stress and agitation.

To regain strength and dynamism, Thali’sens leads us into a secret world,
a dense and luxuriant forest, a land of a thousand enigmatic sounds where all
the senses are on the alert.This mysterious ritual speaks of warmth and life
and gives new energy to the person receiving it.
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